Skinny Juice

I wrote this poem in 2018 in my writing poetry module during my first year of university.

Don’t bother speaking to me as I lack

The emotional depth, I can’t look past

The shade of your teeth and the build-up of plaque.

I would, if you see me, walk by fast.

It’s easy to pick you apart and every

Other face I see, I’m horribly futile

And made out of vanity.

You could speak words like Keats

Or spark up a debate,

But if your nose is uneven,

My ears won’t listen.

Don’t you even mind your outgrown nails;

Your gaining weight?

Yet in all your flaws I do find myself envious of your eyes,

Which look for more than the next reflective surface, and

Your brain with its complex clogs that think beyond my conceited ways.

For when I speak, words are chewed around my mouth and

Spit off my tongue like blood –

I don’t know what honey tastes like.

My shallow mind consumes me, I fear my pulse doesn’t really beat.

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