I wrote this in 2018 as part of my writing poetry module.

You smell like sleep,

You feel like comfort.

You sound like you’re stuck in place and

You look like the worst will happen.

You’ve sawed off your tongue and thrown acid on your eyes.

You’re bloated

Doomed to live life as part of the fog.

Sunshine makes you hiss.

Like a vampire,

You are undead.

Your skin cracks.

You live like a broken pampered part,

Like nourished split ends.

You play in powder paint- you don’t play in the wet.

You can’t scrub the despair out from under your fingernails.

You are a peach- bruised by human hands.

Maggots melt in between your teeth or

Hide behind your eyelids.

You see the world with toothache.

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